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Recording a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien in Solano County

Solano County is located halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, disected by Interstate 80. Recently a Fairfield, CA based General Contractor did insurance restoration at a personal residence and was not paid for labor and materials provided. Our TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES division recently recorded a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien with the Solano County Assessor/Recorder on behalf of the General Contractor.

A CALFIORNIA Mechanics Lien to be recorded needs to include a for a legal description the property address & Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN).

Fees to record a lien are $13 for 1st page. $3 each additional page. (8-1/2″ x 11″). For legal size documents add $3 additional per page for 8-1/2″ x 14″. If you want them to mail the debtor a copy of the recorded lien, it is $7 for each debtor for recorded copy of lien to be mailed. (Husband & Wife are considered as two debtors.) Make checks payable to: SOLANO COUNTY RECORDER. Conforming copy can be requested at no additonal charge. Send one extra copy of the Notice and one extra self addressed stamped envelope.

Turn around times for a lien to be recorded is one (1) business day. Notices are sent to Debtors the the same day as recorded. A Conforming copy will be sent the same day as recorded. The original lien notice will be returned within 8-10 weeks. Limited information about recorded liens is available on their website.