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Recording Liens in Travis County, Texas

Recording Liens in Travis County, Texas:

Travis County is the home of the city of Austin, state capitol of Texas, and Texas has a long history of marching to the beat of its own drummer. So it’s not surprising that the process of recording of Lien Affidavits would have its own nuances. Following are a few of the highlights.

If you are sending regular First Class mail, you would use their P.O. Box (P.O. Box 149325, Austin, TX 78714). However USPS Express or Priority Mail should go directly to their street address (5501 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751.) These take priority and are recorded the same day received.

Fees are comparable to many other Texas counties: $16.00 for the first page & $3.00 for each additional page. Be sure there is at least a 3″ margin at the bottom of the last page, or an extra fee of $4.00 applies.

There are no requirements for the “legal property description”.

They do not do Conformed Copies, but will send you a Certified Copy for an extra fee of $6.00 for the first page, and $1.00 for each additional page. On the bright side, the entire Lien Affidavit can be viewed and printed from their website within about 3-5 days of recording.

If you would like to have your lien recorded in a matter of hours, Tradition Software can E-FILE your Lien Affidavit for just $25.00 plus the county’s recording fees. Just send us a PDF of your notarized lien and we can submit it for you.