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Recording a CA Mechanics Lien in Kern County

A solar energy asked our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to record a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien on a residence in California City, CA within Kern County. The county is the is the southern end of the Central Valley, and the county’s economy is heavily linked to agriculture and to petroleum extraction according to Wikipedia.

Fees to record are as follows the county are as follows: 23.00 first page (already includes Real Estate Fraud Fee), $3.00 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper. Make checks payable to KERN COUNTY RECORDER and they will accept out-of-state business checks. One important note for recording is that Kern County Assessor-Recorder’s Office does not do Conformed copies.

Actual recording is very slow if done by mail, ranging from 2-3 weeks. Another long delay occurs after recording, as the original that was recorded was not returned for until four (4) weeks by USPS First Class mail after it is recorded.

Beware of poor search capabilities on LiensNC.com

NORTH CAROLINA law mandated that construction projects beginning on or after April 1, 2013 requires appointment of a lien agent. Contractors and subcontractors can then give notice they are working on the project.liensnc

Recently our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division was asked by a national lighting supplier to record a NORTH CAROLINA Notice to Lien Agent for a new Charlotte, NC shopping center. To do this, you must register and logon at Recently TRADITION LIEN SERVICE was asked by a national lighting supplier to record a NORTH CAROLINA Notice to Lien Agent for a new Charlotte, NC shopping center. To do this, you must register and logon at www.LiensNC.com.

First, the address when typed into the “Search” option produced 26,972 results.liensncsearchaddress

OK, let’s try to get a little closer to the desired correct results by typing in the Property Owner, ASHTON PROPERTIES into the “Advanced Search”. This time there were 5,619 results. liensncsearchowner

Now it is time to contact the General Contractor on behalf of my customer to ask for the Entry Number. They told me is was 4301148. Upon entering 430148 I now got 2 results, with one of them being the correct result. The other result coincidentally was for the number matching someone else’s phone number.liensncsearchentry

Bottom line is that after three (3) plus years the State of NORTH CAROLINA has created a website that lacks basic critical search capabilities.

Who Is a PreLien2Lien Customer?

Loyal, left competitive software solutions, using in multiple states, adopting online software.

Two hundred and thirty-four companies have been customers for eleven consecutive years.

During my two year tenure as a Vice President at PreLien2Lien’s main competitor, LienWriter, owned by GOLDENOMEGA.NET, my daily frustration was that there needed to be a better lien software solution. In March 2005 I completed the purchase of LienWriter’s direct competitor, SIERRA PHOENIX. Since then, in addition new customers being added each year, two hundred and thirty-four (234) companies across the U.S. have remained loyal annual subscribers. Our success comes from long time customers like BLAZONA CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION (West Sacramento, CA), CITY LIGHTING PRODUCTS (St. Louis, MO) and METAL SALES MANUFACTURING (Louisville, KY).

Thirty-five current customers were previous LienWriter customers.
History shows that LOTUS had a spreadsheet called 1-2-3 before MICROSOFT Excel. YAHOO was the leading internet search engine before GOOGLE. While LienWriter was the first lien software solution to market in 1996, thirty-five (35) current customers have switched from using LienWriter to PreLien2Lien. Companies such as BRISTOLITE DAYLIGHTING SYSTEMS (Santa Ana, CA), MEAD CLARK LUMBER (Santa Rosa, CA) and TNT EQUIPMENT (Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX) have all benefited from a software solution that is easier to use, more reliable, and most importantly, more legally compliant for about half the cost.

PreLien2Lien is used by companies in thirty-one states.
Construction lien laws are different on a state-by-state basis. PreLien2Lien has over 1,600 legal lien notices that are customized per the laws of each state. While a significant portion of our customers are in our home state of California, in thirty-one (31) states elsewhere companies such as WASTE CONNECTIONS (Clifton Park, NY), ROBERTS SAND (Tallahassee, FL) and SUBURBAN SHEET METAL (Kennedale, TX) are using the software for their state’s respective lien laws.

Twenty companies are lien services.
A lien service prepares construction lien notices potentially on behalf of hundreds companies as a professional document preparer. Our own TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division has used PreLien2Lien to mail and record notices for the benefit of three hundred and eighty (380) customers. Companies in Chicago, IL, Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA represent a portion of the twenty (20) lien service entities that use PreLien2Lien and it’s online portal, www.MyLienCenter.com.

Twelve companies switched recently to PreLienLien Online.
Our new software as a service (Saas) solution released in December 2015 for construction lien management is PreLien2Lien Online (www.PL2L.com). Current online customers including GB SYSTEMS (Kenmore, WA), PARCELL STEEL (Corona, CA), and WAREHOUSE PAINT (Auburn, CA) are enjoying the benefit of logging on from any computer, cell phone or tablet with an internet connection. They can then enter construction project information for printing 1st notices, waivers, warnings, bond claims, stop notices and lien claims.

Recording a OR Claim Of Construction Lien in Umatilla County

Sometimes out of principal you need to record a construction lien even if the amount owed is very small. As long as it is with each state’s respective statutory deadline to record (or file a lawsuit in court for states like HAWAII, MARYLAND and NEW JERSEY), it is a contractor’s or materialman’s right to do so for a construction related improvement on private property.

An OREGON General Contractor was owed just $600 for some simple improvements made to a small seventy-five (75) year old farmhouse. The owner felt that if she did not pay off the balance, the General Contractor would simply go away. So the General Contractor contacted our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to record a OR Claim Of Construction Lien in Umatilla County, located in rural eastern OREGON, against the property.

Umatilla County is not setup with an online service for document recording, so a Construction Lien must be mailed or recorded in person. Fees are $36 for the first page, and $5 for each additional page. Turn around time is one week if the lien is mailed in. A copy of the recorded lien will be sent back to you. It is not available to view online.

Contacting the Umatilla Office Of County Records is advisable to either get access or confirm you have a sufficient legal property description


GREENFIELDS OUTDOOR FITNESS, Santa Ana, CA, is a leading provider of outdoor fitness equipment to parks, schools, senior centers, greenspaces, colleges and universities, and the U.S. military. Their core line of outdoor gym equipment employs the body’s mass for resistance and can be enjoyed by all ages, regardless of the user’s fitness level.

GREENFIELDS has been a TRADITION SOFTWARE PreLien2Lien-One State customer since 2012 for notices to print in CALIFORNIA. In 2013 they began using our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to prepare their notices outside of CALIFORNIA.

I was playing some basketball at a new park built near my new house when I glanced at the playground area that was adjacent to the basketball courts and saw their fitness equipment.


This photo was taken at Robert “Bob” Mahan Park in the Westpark area of west Roseville.

Recording a NORTH CAROLINA Claim Of Lien On Real Property in Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County is the most populated county in NORTH CAROLINA, and home to the city of Charlotte.

Recently a broad purpose Subcontractor from FLORIDA signed a contract with another FLORIDA based General Contractor for framing, siding and drywall services at a newly built appartment complex in Charlotte. Our customer in turn subcontracted much of the work out to local Mecklenburg County based companies. The business relationship between the General and the Subcontractor went sour. The General then thought they could do an end around and hire the sub-subs directly, even though everyone had signed a contract not to do so. The Subcontractor asked our TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES division to record a NORTH CAROLINA Claim Of Lien On Real Property on their behalf.

NORTH CAROLINA requires that a Claim Of Lien On Real Property be recorded in the county where the project is located with the Clerk Of Superior Court within one hundred twenty (120) days of last providing labor or materials for a project.

Additionally, you can record and send to the Owner a Notice Of Claim Of Lien Upon Funds By First, Second or Third Tier Subcontractor/Supplier. The Owner or party oweing the money for the project has an obligation to withhold payment to the General/Prime Contractor until the lien claimant’s payment is satisfied.

In Mecklenburg County, the Clerk Of Superior Court (Martha Curran) mandates that NORTH CAROLINA Claim Of Lien On Real Property must include the street address of the property. It is also helpful to include Parcel Number (PIN), Book/Page or as much identifying information as possible.

Checks must be payable to “CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT”. They accept out-of-state business checks. Cost to record a exremenly low. $6.00 for the first page, $0.25 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ or 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper.

Turn around times for recording are extremely fast. Just 1-2 business days for recording, and 1-2 days after recordation the document(s) will be mailed back.

Be sure to send two (2) copies of the notice and a self-addressed stamped envelope. They will keep one copy & return the other one with attached recording information. Recorded Lien Information is not viewable on their website. Clerk’s Office does not send copies to the debtor/s.

Recording a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien in Solano County

Solano County is located halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, disected by Interstate 80. Recently a Fairfield, CA based General Contractor did insurance restoration at a personal residence and was not paid for labor and materials provided. Our TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES division recently recorded a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien with the Solano County Assessor/Recorder on behalf of the General Contractor.

A CALFIORNIA Mechanics Lien to be recorded needs to include a for a legal description the property address & Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN).

Fees to record a lien are $13 for 1st page. $3 each additional page. (8-1/2″ x 11″). For legal size documents add $3 additional per page for 8-1/2″ x 14″. If you want them to mail the debtor a copy of the recorded lien, it is $7 for each debtor for recorded copy of lien to be mailed. (Husband & Wife are considered as two debtors.) Make checks payable to: SOLANO COUNTY RECORDER. Conforming copy can be requested at no additonal charge. Send one extra copy of the Notice and one extra self addressed stamped envelope.

Turn around times for a lien to be recorded is one (1) business day. Notices are sent to Debtors the the same day as recorded. A Conforming copy will be sent the same day as recorded. The original lien notice will be returned within 8-10 weeks. Limited information about recorded liens is available on their website.

Recording a TEXAS Lien Affidavit in Zavala County

Zavala County is a rural county located in the southwestern portion of TEXAS. According to Wikipedia, the county’s per-capita income makes it one of the poorest counties in the United States.

A national discount retail chain recently built a new store in LaPryor, TX. Unfortunately after no response for payment from the out of state General Contractor, a TEXAS Lien Affidavit (Subcontractor/Supplier) needed to be recorded by our TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES division on behalf of a steel erection subcontractor against the property owner, the parent company of the store whose headquartes is located in NORTH CAROLINA.

A lien must include the street address of the property and the Lot and Block numbers. You can get a fax sent to you by the Zavala County Appraisal District at (830) 374-3475. Fees to record a lien are $18.00 first page, $4.00 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ or 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper. Make checks payable to: ZAVALA COUNTY CLERK. They do accept out of state business checks. The same charges apply to a release of lien.

Turn around time is quick, as the actual recording occurs the same day a lien is received. Recorded liens will be mailed back the next business day after recordation. Documents cannot be viewed on their website, and the Clerk’s Office does not send copies to the debtors.

Recording Mechanic’s Liens in Jefferson County, Kentucky

A residential roofing company contacted our TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES division regarding a multiple projects in and around Louisville, KY, within Jefferson County, where they did insurance work involving roof replacements. Unfortunately in each case after receiving the insurance check the Owners bought luxuries they could not normally afford and then had no money to pay off the balance with the contractor.

General/Prime Contractors and Subcontractors on private Commercial projects can record a KENTUCKY Statement Of Mechanic’s Lien up to six (6) months after the last day providing equipment, labor, materials or ervices for a project. Record at the County Clerks Office where a project was located.

Once a KENTUCKY Mechanic’s Lien is recorded, as Claimant you are required to file suit to foreclose within twelve (12) months from the date the lien was recorded.

A KENTUCKY Mechanic’s Lien in Jefferson County must include the street address of the property. Also include a formal legal description of property.

Fees are $13.00 pages 1-3, $3.00 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper. Charges the same for legal 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper. Make checks payable to: JEFFERSON COUNTY CLERK. They do accept out-of-state business checks.

Actual recording time is one week. The entire document can be viewed on their website the same day notice is recorded. Both the original and conforming document will be mailed back one week after recordation. There is no extra fee if you include an additional copy of the notice and an additional Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Indicate that you are requesting a Conforming Copy.

The details above are the same if you are submitting a KENUTUCKY Release Of Mechanic’s Lien.

Using the UTAH State Construction Registry

To use the UTAH State Construction Registry at https://secure.utah.gov/account/login.html, you first create an online account. I found that the verfication email feature did not work, and had to call Customer Service 45 minutes after first creating my account in order to logon.

Here is picture of the user interface to create new notices for construction projects in UTAH.
1st screen to choose what action you want to initiate.

If you were a subcontrator, you would select the Project Type radio button that matches your type of project, then press the Preliminary Notice link to enter the information regarding legal parties, address, legal description, etc…. for a project.
Preliminary Notice data entry page.

One annoying feature of this site is that if I enter a project for a customer whose Owner is “ALTMAN LAND INVESTMENTS”, I will then get other emails for any other projects that “ALTMAN LAND INVESTMENTS” is an Owner for. There was no “LOG OUT” button that could be found, so don’t go to this site on a public computer. Finally, while the cost was minimal ($1.25), you do have to have a company credit card to file a notice.

TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES will record notices in UTAH for customers at our usual fee rate which ranges from $23 for a 1st notice to $160 to record a construction lien.