Recording a OR Claim Of Construction Lien in Umatilla County

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Sometimes out of principal you need to record a construction lien even if the amount owed is very small. As long as it is with each state’s respective statutory deadline to record (or file a lawsuit in court for states like HAWAII, MARYLAND and NEW JERSEY), it is a contractor’s or materialman’s right to do so for a construction related improvement on private property.

An OREGON General Contractor was owed just $600 for some simple improvements made to a small seventy-five (75) year old farmhouse. The owner felt that if she did not pay off the balance, the General Contractor would simply go away. So the General Contractor contacted our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to record a OR Claim Of Construction Lien in Umatilla County, located in rural eastern OREGON, against the property.

Umatilla County is not setup with an online service for document recording, so a Construction Lien must be mailed or recorded in person. Fees are $36 for the first page, and $5 for each additional page. Turn around time is one week if the lien is mailed in. A copy of the recorded lien will be sent back to you. It is not available to view online.

Contacting the Umatilla Office Of County Records is advisable to either get access or confirm you have a sufficient legal property description