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Recording a NY Notice Under Mechanic’s Lien Law For Account Of Private Improvement in Westchester County

A disaster services company contacted our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division in early June to record a lien against a Owner whose residence in Westchester County, New York had suffered from severe sewage damage in the basement of their home.

Unlike nearby Nassua County, which makes recording a lien almost impossible for the average person, the Westchester County Clerk’s office recorded and returned a lien sent by mail from our headquarters in California in one week. Recording a lien in Westchester County must include the street address of the property, Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), Section, Lot and Block numbers. Unlike most lien recordings, there is not a legal description provided, nor available, for property in Westchester County.

When recording a NEW YORK Notice Under Mechanic’s Lien Law For Account Of Private Improvement, you not only record the lien, but you also record with a copy of the lien a Affidavit Of Service By Certified Mail. This affects the fees you pay to record a lien. Cost for Westchester County for the lien itself $15, regardless of the number of pages. In addition, you must include an Affidavit fee of $5, thus making the cost to record $20 total. The office does accept out of state business checks.

You can include at no charge a conformed copy with a self addressed stamped envelope, but the Clerk’s office returned original copy of the lien, the Affidavit and the conformed copy by mail the same day it was received and recorded.