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Multiple electronic signatures now an option on notices

With the new to PreLien2Lien August 18.08.01 upgrade co-authored by Craig Altman and Miriam Liskin, company sites can now have multiple electronic signatures to print from on all notices in PreLien2Lien.


If I choose the “Standard” option, no electronic signature will appear – just a blank line with whomever’s signer name is entered.

If I select “Altman, the electronic signature for Craig Altman will appear on the document.

And finally, if I select “Walker”, the electronic signature for Michael Walker, not Craig Altman will appear on the document.

Cost to add a signature is $50 per notice, per signature. Turn around time is one business day, prepayment required.

Effective November 21st, Arizona Supreme Court no longer allows lien services to act as signing agents on Arizona Twenty Day Preliminary Notices

Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 2012-85, issued by Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch on November 21, 2012, amends Arizona Code of Judicial Administration 7-208(F)(1) pertaining to a certified legal document preparer “authorized services”. Here is a link to the 2-page decree.

Quoting the key paragraph (Section F-1-e) of Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 2012-85:
File, record, and arrange for service of legal forms and documents for a person or entity in a legal matter when that person or entity is not represented by an attorney. A certified legal document preparer may not sign any document on behalf of or as an agent or authorized representative of a person or entity.

Basically, document preparation companies like our lien service division, TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES, can no longer sign Arizona Twenty Day Preliminary Notices as “Agents” or “Authorized Agents.” Instead, a signature from an individual employed by the subcontractor company supplying equipment, labor, materials or services for a ARIZONA project must be on the notice.

The December upgrade for PreLien2Lien, V. 16.12.01, to be released by Monday, December 3rd, will have the new capability of having unique electronic signatures be applied to each Arizona Twenty Day Preliminary Notice when it is printed for a company that is profiled in SETUP>COMPANY SETUP.

Thus, you can have a unique “Joe Smith” signature on the AZ Twenty Day Preliminary Notice for JOES PAINTING and a unique “John Jones” signature for JONES CONCRETE on their AZ Twenty Day Preliminary Notice. This will work for both single printing and mass printing of notices.

Normally we would charge $50 per template to have any text or image modifications done, including electronic signature. We will discount this to $25 on a one time change basis per template. So if Joe at JOES PAINTING retires and his son Fred Smith takes over, a $25 charge in the future will need to be paid to put his signature on the template.

Craig R. Altman

Duplex Printing Now Available For Tradition Forms

At the suggestion of a new customer who used to use Lien Writer, Software Development Manager Miriam Liskin developed in one (1) hour of coding time the ability to print the front and back sides of Tradition Forms with any duplex printer.

PreLien2Lien customers spend less money for their PreLien2Lien Annual Subscription and save even more with our lower price Tradition Forms as compared to using Lien Writer and Pettit Forms. Now factor in the labor/time savings of printing duplex for either a single print project a large mass print run. Our commitment to save you time and money related to construction lien management continues.

DYMO label printing a new feature for PreLien2Lien

Over the Thanksgiving holiday break I got on my computer more than I would have liked to. I tasked Miriam Liskin, Software Development Manager for TRADITION SOFTWARE, the project of adding the capability of PreLien2Lien to print to DYMO desktop label printers. I drafted a goal of January 2009 for this new feature to be both developed and implemented successfully.

To my pleasant surprise she got done in two days a fully functioning DYMO print button on each of the legal party tabs to print a individual label. She also designed a DYMO mass print option from the LABELS drop down menu, and a DYMO print menu in the CURRENT JOBS view that prints labels for only those legal parties entered for the current PROJECT being viewed.

DYMO’s printers can be purchased from most office supply retailers for around $200. TraditionInk.com, a Division of TRADITION SOFTWARE, has the LabelWriter Twin Turbo available for online purchase for only $184.99. Easy postage and mailing label print capability is included via a USB connection to your PC.

I can’t say enough good things about Miriam and what she has meant for the development and subsequent improvement of PreLien2Lien. Smart people like her can be tough to find sometimes, but if you surround yourself with as many of them as you can find, success will often result.