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New USPS certified mail changes

Effective May 31, 2015 the U.S. Postal Service increased the price of Certified Return Receipt (CRR) mail, also known as the green card return receipt, to $6.74 from the previous $6.49. To save $1.40, you can use the Electronic Return Receipt (ERR), which now cost $5.34 total per mail piece.

The format of the Return Green Card (PS Form 3811) and Certified Mail Receipt (PS Form 3800) also changed.

TRADITION SOFTWARE has been in contact with the Postal Service business office in Memphis, TN regarding the continued use of our CRR and ERR pre-printed TRADITION Forms, our self-mailer certified mail forms developed with the U.S. Postal Service in 2010. As of today, the Postal Service is trying to determine what to do with vendors and business partners like ourselves who have stock on hand for certified mail solutions.

Duplex Printing Now Available For Tradition Forms

At the suggestion of a new customer who used to use Lien Writer, Software Development Manager Miriam Liskin developed in one (1) hour of coding time the ability to print the front and back sides of Tradition Forms with any duplex printer.

PreLien2Lien customers spend less money for their PreLien2Lien Annual Subscription and save even more with our lower price Tradition Forms as compared to using Lien Writer and Pettit Forms. Now factor in the labor/time savings of printing duplex for either a single print project a large mass print run. Our commitment to save you time and money related to construction lien management continues.

PreLien2Lien Adds One-Click USPS Certified Mail Tracking

Miriam Liskin, Software Development Manager, has just completed work on adding one-click USPS certified mail tracking to PreLien2Lien.

By pressing the “Track Certified Mail” button on the right side of PreLien2Lien, a connection is made with the USPS website. Any certified numbers entered on the legal party tabs (CUSTOMER, OWNER, GENERAL, LENDER, Other Legal Parties) will be check for delivery tracking information.

If there was a sucessful result when checking a number, the word “Verified” will appear on the legal party tab next to the certified number. Also, a note entry will be created on the NOTES tab showing the details for delivery as follows:

Your item was delivered at 2:11 pm on June 20, 2011 in LENEXA, KS 66219.

Processed through Sort Facility, June 18, 2011, 10:22 pm, KANSAS CITY, MO 64121
Acceptance, June 16, 2011, 10:16 am, SACRAMENTO, CA 95821

Pricing Set For Tradition Forms

Pricing has been established for Tradition Forms, which are now available to be shipped to PreLien2Lien users. These forms replace our support for Pettit Forms. Pettit Forms will not be supported after January 1, 2011.

Options available for purchase:

-Certified Return Receipt Forms: Use for certified mail, return receipt.
-Certified Forms: No return receipt, use with USPS Electronic Delivery Notification.
-Blank Forms: Use as a one piece self mailing form.

Costs range from $0.25 cents per form to $0.48 cents per form. Includes FREE shipping and handling of your form order and USPS approved wafer seals.

Contact Michael Walker, Customer Service Manager, at (800) 886-8770 x301 to place your order.

US Postal Service Gives Approval For Tradition Forms

The US Postal Service today gave its approval for TRADITION SOFTWARE to begin selling Tradition Forms, a certified mail form replacement for Pettit Forms.

It took several tests of beta forms this year between March and September with the Postal Service to get approval completed.

Our next step is to send out twenty (20) copies to selected customers for testing with their respective local post offices. This will occur during the month of October 2010. Resale of bulk quantities is slated to begin on November 1st. Final pricing will be released at that time.

Support for Pettit Forms in PreLien2Lien is set to expire on January 1, 2011.

Tradition Forms Pricing Tentatively Set

TRADITION SOFTWARE is announcing tentative pricing for Tradition forms. The new legal size, certified mail forms are a replacement for Pettit Forms, whose support in PreLien2Lien is set to expire in the second quarter of 2010.

Pricing for the laser, two sided legal form for use in printing 1st notices sent by certified mail will begin at $50 per 100 forms. Discounts of $1 per 100 forms purchased can be realized for quantities up to 1,000 forms.

Current customers using Pettit forms will be given 30 day codes to exhaust their current supply of forms before considering the adoption of the new Tradition forms.