PreLien2Lien Testimonials

I have been using PreLien2Lien for over 4 years now. I have been able to save a considerable amount of time and money by doing the notices and claims by myself with PreLien2Lien. The tech support is always available, friendly and eager to help. The updates every year are more than just simple differences; you can tell that Traditions Software is working hard to make their product better each year! The new reminder system integrated with Outlook is a great example of the innovative updates from Traditions that really help make the liening process simpler.

Darren – Treasurer
ROADS INC OF NWF (Cantonment, FL)

My firm has saved thousands of dollars in legal fees thanks to PreLien2lien! Your product has more than paid for itself!

IM Brewer – President/CEO

I have used PreLien2Lien for many years and have never been disappointed. Their customer support, ease of use of the software, and confidence I have in their forms gives me peace of mind I will be able to collect money owed to our company should the need arise.

Patricia – Owner

NATIONAL LIGHTNING PROTECTION CORPORATION has had 100% success in collecting bad debt and late invoices using the PreLien2Lien software. It has paid for itself 10X over! Well worth the investment. Thank you.

Jessica – Vice President

I thought you might like to know how well your PreLien2Lien program works….We finished a large job on a major hotel in San Francisco in October of 2008. It was a two-year project, and for a company of our size, it was quite a coup….after a long period of trying to collect the last of our money on this project, our contractor admitted that he was broke….Just to see what might happen, I sent everyone involved in this project a Notice of Intent to File a Mechanic’s Lien. Never did I expect to hear about this job again. Two weeks later, our contractor called us and said that the hotel had decided to pay us direct. You cannot imagine our surprise. This hotel is a huge conglomerate, and we were able to get our money. I still cannot believe it.

Jeannette – Administrative Assistant

At NORMAC, our Credit Department relies every day on TRADITION SOFTWARE’s PreLien2Lien. We recommend it to all of our new customers as a full featured software solution for doing all types of Mechanic’s Lien notices. We previously tried to use another vendor’s software that did not work on our Microsoft Terminal Services network platform. PreLien2Lien works well for us, and is an excellent low cost software solution for a company that wants to have both the data and application software for multiple users based on a Thin Client solution.

Fred – IT Manager and Renee – Credit Manager
NORMAC (Sacramento, CA)

I have been using PreLien2Lien for several years now and it has saved our company thousands of dollars by forcing the contractors to have paid us before the bank and/or owner’s pay in full. I am sure it has also saved the homeowner’s thousands as they are the ones ultimately responsible if a contractor defaults to the subs. I have noticed quicker payments on the projects where a notice to owner has been filed and have only had to actually place 2 liens, both of which were paid promptly after filing. I love your software, I have recommended it to several building partners in my area. The new reminder features are fantastic. Thank you for providing such a professional software and great customer service for these many years. I look forward to many more.

Jennifer – Office Manager

We used to use a competitive software program to do our liens and releases. The software was hard to use, their technical support was out-sourced overseas with people hard to communicate with and their Annual Subscription fee was way more expensive than PreLien2Lien’s. I am so glad we made the switch a year ago to PreLien2Lien.

Sharon – Office Manager
AIR WORKS INC.. dba SUMMIT AIR CO.(Citrus Heights, CA)

PreLien2Lien is an upgrade plus to what we had before. The software is easy to use and has helped us collect on countless projects. The customer service at Tradition Software is second to none. I highly recommend this software!!

Donna – Controller