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Recording CALIFORNIA Mechanics Liens and Releases to increase by $75 in 2018

Legislators for the state of CALIFORNIA have enacted Senate Bill (SB) 2, Chapter 2.5 of the Statues of 2017 that will in effect increase by $75 the cost to record CALIFORNIA Mechanics Liens and Releases in all fifty-eight (58) counties in CALIFORNIA effective January 1, 2018. This is addition to the Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Trust Fund Fees that range from $3.00 – $10.00 in certain counties PLUS each counties respective recording fees that range from $9.00 – $28.00.

According to Jaime T. Pailma, Division Manager, Document Recording Division for Los Angeles County’s Registrar-Recorder/Clerk’s Office, “….the bill imposes a mandate on County Recorders to charge an additional $75 at the time of recording every real estate instrument, paper, or notice required or permitted by law to be recorded, except those expressly exempted from payment of recording fees, per each transaction per parcel of real property, not to exceed $225.”

The Nevada County Clerk Recorder-Registrar of Voters, Gregory J. Diaz, notes that a waiver of the $75 fee “….shall not be imposed on any real estate instrument, paper, or notice recorded in connection with a transfer subject to the imposition of a documentary transfer tax as defined in Section 11911 of the Revenue and Taxation Code or on any real estate instrument, paper, or notice recorded with a transfer of real property that is a residential dwelling to an owner-occupier.”

For a listing of CALIFORNIA County Recorders with addresses and phone numbers to contact about the new law and price increase, you can visit our listing by counties at TraditionSoftware.com/county-assessors-clerks-recorders/california/.

Recording a CA Mechanics Lien in San Francisco County

UPDATED April 25, 2020

San Francisco is both the City and County government authority for CALIFORNIA Mechanics Liens to be recorded with. Carmen Chu is the Assessor/Recorder.

Recently our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division recorded liens against a coffee house project and a residential window replacement. Recording a lien in San Francisco must include the street address of the property, Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), Lot and Block numbers. Unlike most lien recordings, there is not a legal description provided, nor available, for property in San Francisco.

Fees to record are $89.00 first page, $3.00 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper, $3.00 additional per page of 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper. If you want the county to send your recorded notice to the Owner, cost is $6.00 for 1st address for notice to be sent to debtors, $2.00 for additional Debtors (optional service). Husband and wife count as one debtor.

A conforming copy of the original document can be sent after recording. There is a $1.00 fee per copy if you include additional copies of the notice and additional self addressed stamped envelope. Indicate that you are requesting a conforming copy.

The turn around time for actual recording is four (4) weeks. You can view information on their website one (1) week after recording.

Once a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien is recorded, as Claimant you are required to file suit to foreclose on the lien within ninety (90) days from date the CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien was recorded. This deadline can be extended for up to a total of one (1) year with the consent of all legal parties by filing a CALIFORNIA Notice Of Credit for extension.