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Pricing Set For Tradition Forms

By November 15, 2010No Comments

Pricing has been established for Tradition Forms, which are now available to be shipped to PreLien2Lien users. These forms replace our support for Pettit Forms. Pettit Forms will not be supported after January 1, 2011.

Options available for purchase:

-Certified Return Receipt Forms: Use for certified mail, return receipt.
-Certified Forms: No return receipt, use with USPS Electronic Delivery Notification.
-Blank Forms: Use as a one piece self mailing form.

Costs range from $0.25 cents per form to $0.48 cents per form. Includes FREE shipping and handling of your form order and USPS approved wafer seals.

Contact Michael Walker, Customer Service Manager, at (800) 886-8770 x301 to place your order.