PreLien2Lien improved for the visually impaired

By November 25, 2008No Comments

I met with twenty-two (22) customers in three days on my recent customer onsite training trip to the following metro areas in Southern California (Irvine, San Diego, Riverside).

Two of my customers had some form of visual impairment.  I realized that PreLien2Lien needed to be improved for those users, so I asked Miriam Liskin, Software Development Manager, to make the software open up maximized in large type by default.

This can happen automatically in two ways.  First, if you maximize the CURRENT JOBS FILE the type will appear in 12-16 point type font.  The program will remember to reopen maximized the next time it is opened by the user.  Secondly, the setting to set PreLien2Lien to open all windows maximized can be found in the SETUP<SETUP DEFAULTS screen by selecting the “Open Forms Maximized” checkbox.

Simple change, but for those users who need it, it helps them do their jobs more effectively. I doubt we would have made this the priority it became if we did not make an effort to visit our customers.