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GOOGLE Site Search added to TraditionSoftware.com website

By December 13, 2008No Comments

There is always a business challenge when faced with picking a technology company that will become the branded partner for your company and its products. An example is our use of the industry standard Installshield Windows installer for PreLien2Lien. It is well respected by the majority of professional IT people who either use it by default when installing software or like TRADITION SOFTWARE licenses it for use in their products.

Our company reached a decision recently to add a licensed GOOGLE custom search button to all 600+ pages of the TraditionSoftware.com website.  After paying the yearly Annual Subscripton fee, it took a half day of myself and Miriam Liskin playing around with the HTML that exists for the search button and finding the right permanent home on our website so that it could appear in the same location across our 600+ content pages that currently comprise the site.

I have test the results, and will say the accuracy has been very solid. Perhaps the greatest benefit lies in the fact that you articulate what sites you would like queried. For us, it is our main site, the ecommerce section that has 200+ products for purchase and this blog.