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ALABAMA gets new notices, custom template technology (CTT)

By June 7, 2008No Comments

I have been to ALABAMA, albeit as a passenger in a car driving on Highway 10 go to/from LOUISIANA for a weekend getaway at an Army friends house. The lure of playing reasonably priced golf on the Robert Jones Golf Trail intrigues me. We aslo have a great group of customers in the state, including AES INDUSTRIES in Talahassee, LEGACY CABINETS in Eastaboga and VOLVO RENTS in Spanish Fort.

Twenty-nine (29) ALABAMA notices were entirely re-written in PreLien2Lien this month. They also have (CTT) Custom Template Technology, enabling each template notice to be customized for a one-time $50 fee.

Subcontractors in ALABAMA must send out a out a 1st notice at the start of a construction improvment.  ALABAMA Code § 35-11-218 mandates that a Notice To Owner (Prior To Performance) must be sent to Owner and Contractor/Subcontractor prior to providing materials. It is also recommended for those Subcontractors providing labor or services. Either a Notice to Owner (Prior To Performance) or a Notice Of Intent To File A Lien Claim must be sent to the Owner and Contractor/Subcontractor before a Statement of Lien may be filed.

General/Prime/Sub Contractors (Private Projects): ALABAMA Code § 35-11-213 mandates that deadlines for filing a Statement of Lien are:

Subcontractors = four (4) months
Laborers = thirty (30) days
General/Prime Contractor = six (6) months

The Circuit Court of the county where the project is located is where a Statement of Lien is filed. Copies should be sent by Certified Mail to the other legal parties on the project (Customer, Owner, Prime/General Contractor, Lender).