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Upgraded web sites, new Software Development Manager highlight January 2018 technical initiatives

By January 11, 2018No Comments

With an 85% adoption rate of PreLien2Lien Online ( by customers at the end of 2017, TRADITION SOFTWARE is upgrading and consolidating in January 2018 it’s web hosting infrastructure from facilities in Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA to a single facility near our suburban Chicago headquarters. Corporate marketing websites for TRADITION SOFTWARE ( and TRADITION LIEN SERVICE ( have already been moved. PreLien2Lien Online ( will be moved the weekend of January 19-21. MyLienCenter ( and MyLienWaiver ( will be moved at a later date to be determined.

TRADITION SOFTWARE has also hired a new interim Software Development Manager, Jim Boyd, along with two (2) additional software development professionals, to replace Miriam Liskin, who retired in early December after eleven (11) years working for the company. She was the chief technical architect of the PreLien2Lien software redesign in 2007. Miriam co-designed along with myself MyLienCenter in 2009, and PreLien2Lien Online in 2016. Her work had a far reaching positive effect for so many people, whether it was helping thousands of companies in getting paid, or in the resulting jobs, benefits and paychecks for employees of TRADITION SOFTWARE. On a personal level, Miriam helped me with programming homework for Computer Science classes I took for professional development. She even taught my son Randall and daughter Lauren how to geocache at a company party on a hot California summer day. For everyone she has helped through the years, we wish her the best.