Every summer, TRADITION SOFTWARE and TRADITION LIEN SERVICE offers a comprehensive intern experience to a motivated college student interested in learning more about working in a real-life business offering construction lien solutions to U.S. construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. This paid internship is open to all majors and experience levels, but requires enthusiasm for learning, communication, and attention to detail. The job offers flexible hours and training in a variety of common business software programs, as well as opportunities for direct customer service experience. Internships are typically tailored to meet the education and interests of each intern on an individual level.

Tara Nelson was the first intern in the summer of 2007 while studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY. While employed, Tara went outside her previous academic studies and gained a better understanding of business operations as well as the ins and outs of construction lien law. While working under the Software Development Manager at the time, Miriam Liskin, Tara learned the fundamentals of software development. Her introduction led soon after graduation to the creative, strategic nature of software development and ultimately led to her current career as a Full Stack developer. Tara is currently employed as a senior software engineer for a small business in Portland, Oregon.

Randall Altman was an intern in the summers of 2015 and 2016 while finishing up his high school diploma from WOODCREEK HIGH SCHOOL in Roseville, CA. He worked primarily in customer service and technical support. While employed as an Intern, Randall learned how to efficiently communicate and meet the needs of different customers across the nation. He said that “the relaxed work environment and flexible hours provided an ideal environment to learn the basics of lien software, as well as other common business software programs, in order to provide fast and accurate technical support.” After being accepted to attend the UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO, Randall enlisted as a member of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORP and is currently working as a team mortarman, stationed at Camp Pendleton near San Diego, California.

Stephanie Owens was an intern in the summer of 2017 and is a Business Management major at the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO. While an intern, Stephanie worked as a member of customer service and technical support, where she gained basic understanding of information system technologies and customer service. Stephanie says that “….the flexible and relaxed working environment lent responsibility and ownership in her work. This in turn taught her useful business practices such as proactive note taking, scheduling, and communication.” Since her internship, Stephanie has gone on to use her experience as a supply chain intern with WEC ENERGY GROUP. She will graduate in the spring of 2021.

Honor Perrine is currently an intern in the summer of 2018 and is an Economics major at HILLSDALE COLLEGE. Her internship gave her practical experience in many aspects of business management such as website content creation, information system technologies, accounting, and customer service. Honor has gained insight into the inner workings of construction lien law and in her communication with Tradition customers nationwide. Honor will graduate in the fall of 2018 and hopes to attend economics graduate school to pursue a career in business consulting.