TRADITION SOFTWARE revenue up 14% in 2016

By January 2, 2017No Comments

TRADITION SOFTWARE, INC., the leading national provider of do it yourself (DIY) construction lien software and services since 2005, increased its overall annual revenues by 14% in 2016. PreLien2Lien software sales and leasing revenue grew by 19%, led by increased revenue from current customers of the Lien Service edition of PreLien2Lien. Major new PreLien2Lien customers included BENYON SPORTS SURFACES (Hunt Valley, MD), RFI COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY SYSTEMS (San Jose, CA) and ROCKY TOP MATERIALS (Knoxville, TX). A new leased software as a service (SaaS) solution, PreLien2Lien Online (, was introduced in January 2016 to customers. By year end ten (10) percent of the PreLien2Lien Annual Subscribers were early adopters and switched to the online version.

The TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division signed sixty-five (65) new service contracts in 2016, with revenue increasing by 14% over 2015. Major new customers included INTERIOR ELECTRIC (Henderson, NV, Orange, CA), OVERHEAD GARAGE DOOR (Fort Worth, TX) and QUALITY FIRST HOME IMPROVEMENT (Citrus Heights, CA). The revenue growth came in large part from increased construction lien recordings in fifteen (15) states. Liens and lien releases in California and Texas accounted for a major part of the construction lien revenue increase.

According to TRADITION SOFTWARE’s Founder and current President Craig Altman, early 2017 initiatives for TRADITION SOFTWARE include website redesigns and professional search engine optimization (SE0) for the current and websites, which were originally designed in their current format back in 2012. Additionally, TRADITION SOFTWARE is soliciting outside venture capital investment to fuel the growth of PreLien2Lien Online ( while also adding national sales and marketing resources. Additionally, possible acquisitions are being explored of smaller regional lien services to merge into the TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division.