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TRADITION SOFTWARE is launching TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES ( as part of an effort to better serve current and potential customers who would like an alternative for the lien recording process in the state(s) they do business in. Many of our PreLien2Lien customers use the software to do 1st notices or payment Waivers and Releases, but don’t want to go to a county Recorder or Clerk’s office to record a lien. Each month we get hundreds of sales leads from companies for our software. The most common reason people don’t purchase PreLien2Lien is not because they can’t use the software or afford to purchase it. It is because they don’t want to record a lien themselves. This is where TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES can help companies.

PreLien2Lien is used already by twenty (20) leading lien services across the U.S.. While
TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES will be competing against these lien services for new accounts, there is plenty of business for everyone without our company jeopardizing our great business relationships with our lien service customers that rely every day on PreLien2Lien.

TRADITION SOFTWARE’s national marketing expertise will be directedtowards promoting TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES online starting January 1st. An aggressive $150 price per recorded lien will be offered to all customers who sign a contract for services in 2010. A unique, partial money back payment of $50 will be offered to a customer who is not successfully paid within each state’s statutory time period for a lien to remain recorded.