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Section 35-11-210 Lien declared.
Section 35-11-211 Priority of lien.
Section 35-11-212 Building or improvement on leased land.
Section 35-11-213 Verified statement – Duty to file; contents; form.
Section 35-11-214 Verified statement – How oath administered out of state.
Section 35-11-215 Verified statement – Time for filing.
Section 35-11-216 Verified statement – Indorsement by probate judge; recordation; fee.
Section 35-11-217 Selection of land to be charged in certain cases.
Section 35-11-218 Notice of lien claimed by persons other than original contractor.
Section 35-11-219 List of materialmen, laborers and employees; effect of failure to pay materialmen, etc.
Section 35-11-220 Jurisdiction of actions for enforcement of liens.
Section 35-11-221 Limitation of actions.
Section 35-11-222 How action commenced; pleadings, practice and proceedings.
Section 35-11-223 Parties.
Section 35-11-224 Issues; finding or verdict; judgment generally.
Section 35-11-225 Judgment by default.
Section 35-11-226 Enforcement of judgments.
Section 35-11-227 Actions by employees, etc.; defense by contractor.
Section 35-11-228 Liens stand on equal footing; exception; distribution of proceeds.
Section 35-11-229 Actions by personal representatives.
Section 35-11-230 Actions against personal representatives.
Section 35-11-231 Acknowledgment of satisfaction.
Section 35-11-232 “Owner or proprietor” defined.
Section 35-11-233 Assignment of lien; transfer of lien on real property to other security.
Section 35-11-234 Subrogation.