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Recording Mechanic’s Liens in Loudoun County, Virginia

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Recording Liens in Loudon County, Virginia:

Loudoun County is part of the Washington metropolitan area. According to Wikipedia, as of 2007, Loudoun County has the highest median household income of any county in the United States ($107,207), beating neighboring Fairfax County, Virginia ($105,241). The two counties have been trading places as the highest-income county in the United States in recent years.

If you are sending regular First Class mail, you would use their P.O. Box (P.O. Box 550, Leesburg, VA 20178). However USPS Express or Priority Mail should go directly to their street address (18 East Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176 – Attn: Recording Division). Notices usually are recorded the same day received. TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES filed a Lodoun County lien electronically late afternoon pacific time. The lien was recored by the time we we arrived at work the next morning.

Fees are as follows: $21.00 for 1-10 pages. The only margin requirement is for at least 1 inch at the top of the first page.

Requirements for the “legal property description” – must include street address along with the lot and block numbers.

Conformed copies are sent out next day at no additional charge if you include a copy and a self addressed stamped envelope. Even if you are recording in person, bring a copy to be conformed as the original will not be returned for 3-4 weeks.

Only subscribers to their county website can view recorded documents online.