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Recording a CONNECTICUT Certificate of Lien in New Milford, CT

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Our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division recently recorded a CONNECTICUT Certificate of Lien for a disaster restoration company against a residence within the Town of New Milford, CT. According to Wikipedia, it is the largest town in the state in terms of land area at nearly 62 square miles.

CONNECTICUT construction liens are recorded in the specific Town, rather than by the County, that the construction related improvement is located at. The New Milford Town Clerk’s Office requires the entire legal property description from the deed “Schedule A” to be included with the lien. A copy can be gained online by doing a paid search at the CONNECTICUT TOWN CLERKS PORTAL.

Out of state business checks are accepted for payment. Fees totaled $58.00 for a two page construction lien (lien + Schedule A). The lien was recorded by mail, with same day for recording once it was received. The mailing back of the recorded lien was another matter, with it taking a phone call and three (3) weeks for it to be returned.

Claimants must initiate a lawsuit to foreclose upon a liened CONNECTICUT property within one (1) year from the day the lien was recorded.