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Recording a CA Mechanics Lien in Contra Costa County

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UPDATED April 25, 2020

Recently a family owned HVAC business asked our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to record a California Mechanics Lien in Contra Costa County. It is a suburban northern California County located in the East Bay region east of San Francisco and Oakland.

Fees to record a lien or release with the Contra Costa County Recorder’s Office are as follows. $92.00 first page, $3.00 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper. $3.00 additional per page of 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper. A required fee that must be also added is a $3.00 mandatory Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Fund fee. Thus your typical lien should be $20 to record.

The actual time if mailed for recording is the same day received. It is 1-2 weeks after recording to view indexing information on their website. The original document will be mailed back 6-8 weeks after recording. A conforming copy of the original document can be sent the next business day after recording. There is no extra fee if you include an additional copy of the notice and an additional self addressed stamped envelope. Indicate that you are requesting a conforming copy.

Recorded liens can not be viewed on their website.

As always, questions prior to recording a lien should be made by phone with the Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorders Office. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4PM PST. Phone number to call is (925) 335-7910.

Once a CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien is recorded, as Claimant you are required to file suit to foreclose on the lien within ninety (90) days from date the CALIFORNIA Mechanics Lien was recorded. This deadline can be extended for up to a total of one (1) year with the consent of all legal parties by filing a CALIFORNIA Notice Of Credit for extension.