A Ravensdale, WA plumbing subcontractor asked our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to record a WASHINGTON Claim of Lien (RCW 60.04.091) on a office building for unpaid TI work done in a dental office located in Redmond, WA within King County. According to Wikipedia, King County was named after Alabamian William R. King, who had just been elected Vice President of the United States under President Franklin Pierce.

On private Commercial, Existing Residential and New Residential projects WASHINGTON Revised Code § 60.04.091 mandates that General/Prime Contractors and Subcontractors have ninety (90) days to file a WASHINGTON Claim Of Lien at the County Auditors office in the county where the project occurred after the last day equipment, labor, materials or services were provided to the job site. Cost to record a lien with the Recorder for King County is $99.00 for the first page and $1.00 each additional page of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper. The office does accept out of state business checks. Make the check out to KING COUNTY RECORDER. Include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Turn around time to record is 1-2 business days. Recorded liens and releases will be returned in 4-6 weeks.

A WASHINGTON Claim Of Lien must be perfected through a foreclosure action at the Superior Court in the county where the project is located within eight (8) months of the WASHINGTON Claim Of Lien being recorded.