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Recording a Lien in Jefferson County, Arkansas

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Recording a Lien in Jefferson County, Arkansas:

Arkansas state law mandates that a Notice of Intent to File a Claim of Lien must be served to the Owner and Contractor at least 10 days before the Claim of Lien can be recorded.

Jefferson County requires a Verified Statement of Account to be included with the Statement of Lien, as well as a copy of the Notice of Intent. One nice thing is that the $8.00 recording fee is a flat rate, no matter how many pages are recorded. Checks are made payable to Jefferson County Circuit Clerk, and they accept out-of-state business checks.

Liens are usually recorded the same day they are received. The county keeps the original copies, so be sure to include an extra copy of the lien and a self-addressed stamped envelope. The copy will be returned to you the next day after recordation. (Liens are not viewable on their website at this time.)

The deadline to Record the Claim of Lien is within 120 days of your last day on the project, Liens must be perfected within 15 months of the recording of the Lien.