TRADITION SOFTWARE reaches separate agreements with PETTIT MANIFOLD FORMS and WALZ POSTAL SOLUTIONS for marketing certified mail solutions


TRADITION SOFTWARE announced that it had reached a marketing agreement with PETTIT MANIFOLD FORMS of La Canada, California to resell Pettit Laser Forms, a preprinted laser printer certified mail form, for use with PreLien2Lien.

In a separate but related agreement, TRADITION SOFTWARE reached a marketing agreement with WALZ POSTAL SOLUTIONS OF Temecula, California to resell Certified Mailer labels, a preprinted certified mail label, for use with PreLien2Lien.

TRADITION SOFTWARE will sell through its online store and direct sales channel the Pettit Laser Forms for $190 for a bundle of 250 forms. The Certified Mailer labels from WALZ POSTAL SOLUTIONS will start at $190 for a bundle of 250 labels. There will be no charge for shipping, and all orders placed outside of California will not have a sales tax applied.

“Our customers will now have two excellent options for more effectively streamlining the processing and delivery of notices produced by PreLien2Lien that require certified mail. PETTIT MANIFOLD FORMS is a company that has provided certified mail forms directly to many of our customers for a long time. WALZ POSTAL SOLUTIONS has a new corporate ownership team which is producing a quality, low cost certified mailing label solution. These agreements reinforce our support in the future for these products,” said Craig R. Altman, President and Founder of TRADITION SOFTWARE.

TRADITION SOFTWARE, INC. was founded in March 2005 by its Founder and President, Craig Altman. In April 2005 the company purchased the software and customer assets of SIERRA PHOENIX. TRADITION SOFTWARE offers software solutions to contractors and subcontractors in the US construction industry for accounting, estimating, certified payroll, communications, contractor billing, contract documents, lien management, and project management.

In September 2005, was formed as a new Division, offering businesses and consumers name brand and compatible replacement ink supplies at 10% – 60% less than traditional office supply retailers.

TRADITION SOFTWARE’s headquarters is in Citrus Heights, CA, just north of the state capital in Sacramento. The mission of the company is to provide construction companies and small businesses with productive software, quality ink supplies, knowledgeable technical support and services that produce results. Every time you work with us, you will immediately appreciate that we are nice people that you can trust your business to work with.