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PreLien2Lien Works With Windows 8

By October 26, 2012October 30th, 2012No Comments

Today is Friday, October 26th. Pat Sajak, Hillary Clinton and one of Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith, celebrate birthdays today. Born today was Windows 8 from MICROSOFT. More properly worded, released today was Windows 8 from MICROSOFT.

SO, I was a bit woried when I walked into the Roseville, CA BEST BUY six minutes after they opened to purchase my ACER Aspire M5-581 ultrabook with Windows 8. At 4PM today, I got some quality time to fire up my new toy and load PreLien2Lien on it. The stress from my workday was diminished a bit after seeing the software download from our website, install and activate just as it does on all PCs and Thin Client servers since Windows 98 (fourteen years ago for those over the age of thirty).

I am not sure I buy into any of the reasons MICROSOFT had to release Windows 8. They wanted a tie in with their phones. But I recently became a iPhone 5 convert, after using an Android phone for two years and and one of the first poorly desgined MICROSOFT phones previous to that.

Two versions of Windows 8 are designed to work on MICROSOFT’s Slate Tablets. Fine, except that I like my small, 14 inch Windows 7 ASUS laptop that has everything including the kitchen sink loaded on it. It can’t take pictures or video, but I can video conference with it. If I want to take pictures or video like I did at my son’s freshman football game last night, I use my iPhone 5.

BUT, going forward my valued customers will have no choice when they walk into BEST BUY, COSTCO, SAM’S CLUB, OFFICE DEPOT, OFFICE MAX or STAPLES. They will only be able to purchase a Windows 8 computer, unless after Christmas season 2012 PC manufacturers scream at MICROSOFT to allow backwards licensing with Windows 7. Precedent for this occured in 2007 when Windows Vista was released. Corporate America would not buy Vista PC’s unless they also included Windows XP.

My great technology loving son will see the new Windows 8 laptop tonight. He and others of his generation will be the real decision makers who will determine the success or failure of Windows 8. People like the ease of use and quality of APPLE’s iPod with the iPhone and iPad. Will my son and others have the same APPLE like comfort level and user experience with Windows 8 products? We will know by October 26, 2013.

Craig R. Altman