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PreLien2Lien users who want a professional lien service to record a Bond Claim, Mechanic’s Lien or Stop Notice can now transmit their project information instantly to TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES account managers for instant evaluation and possible legal action.

TRADITION SOFTWARE’s goal for PreLien2Lien is for users to use the program for all facets of a state’s lien process, from 1st notice to a claim being recorded and subsequently released. Some users however don’t have the time or professional resources to effectively record and release claims (Bond Claim, Mechanic’s Lien Claim, Stop Notice) in a timely manner. They turn to professional lien service solutions to support their collection efforts that begin often with the printing of a 1st notice in PreLien2Lien.

In the first six (6) months since it’s inception, twenty (20) US construction contractors and subcontractors have contracted with TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES for professional lien managment services.