Lien News

National Lien News

North Carolina
New lien laws target putting stop to double payment (January 4, 2013)
The Business Journal

Builders, lawyers pan bill’s lien requirements (June 20,2010)

United States
Unpaid liens can ruin a short sale (March 1, 2010)

Lewiston, NY
New lien filed for $4.1M against Seneca golf course (February 18, 2010)

Canton, NY
Atlantic Testing Labs files lien against Jeda Capital (November 22, 2009)

Galveston, TX
UTMB sues construction company after mechanic’s lien issued (October 29, 2009)

Western Massachusetts
Lien and Mean – Knowing the Rules Can Help Ensure That You Get Paid for Your Work (October 26, 2009)

Monticello, MN
Whistleblower: Repair headache drags on (October 24, 2009)

Fresno, CA
Granite Park landscaper off project, may sue (October 19, 2009)

Salt Lake City, UT
Fashion Place sued for $6.6 million in unpaid bills (October 17, 2009)

Stafford, AR
Arkansas builder charged with fraud (October 13, 2009)

Canton, NY
Concrete firm sues Lowe’s, developer (September 26, 2009)

Suffolk, VA
House stands undone as Suffolk builder countersues (September 24, 2009)

Charlotte, NC
Subcontractors get squeezed (September 15, 2009)

Huntington, WV
Man blames builder for lien on home (September 9, 2009)

Charlottesville, VA
Landmark subcontractor files complaint (September 6, 2009)

Aspen, CO
Electrician sues Snowmass base developer (August 19, 2009)