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OKLAHOMA gets new notices, custom template technology (CTT)

By August 11, 2008No Comments

I can’t say I have ever been to OKLAHOMA. Travel has taken me to forty-one (41) other US states, including all the states around it, including TEXAS, ARKANSAS and KANSAS. We do have customers in Oklahoma City, whom I hope to visit with for free onsite training as my business travel brings me to TEXAS some time in 2009.

I just finished entirely writing for PreLien2Lien thirty-four (34) new notices for the state of OKLAHOMA. They also have (CTT) Custom Template Technology, enabling each template notice to be customized for a one-time $50 fee.

Sucontractor’s have two 1st notices to be aware of. For Residential projects, OKLAHOMA Statutes Title 42 § 142.1 mandates that a Subcontractor on a residential project, must deliver a Notice To Owner to the dwelling Owner prior to first supplying equipment, labor, materials, or services to a project. The Notice should be delivered in person or by Certified Mail to the Owner of the property and the General/Prime Contractor along with any other legal parties related to the improvement of the property (Customer, Lender). On Commercial (non-residential) projects OKLAHOMA Statutes Title 42 § 142.6 mandates that a Subcontractor must deliver a Pre-Lien Notice to both the General/Prime Contractor and the Owner within seventy-five (75) days of supplying materials, labor or equipment to a project.

General/Prime/Sub Contractors (Private Projects): OKLAHOMA Statutes Title 42 § 142, 143 mandates that a General/Prime Contractor on a commercial or residential project must record a Lien Statement – General/Prime Contracto at the County Recorders Office in the county where a project you provided construction related labor, services, equipment or materials is located. It must be recorded within four (4) months after the last day equipment, labor, materials, or sevices were provided to a project.