CALIFORNIAMechanic's Lien

New Lien Laws For California In 2011

By February 6, 2010No Comments

Confusion has been rampant since the CALIFORNIA legislature passed revisions to the lien laws that were signed into state law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in August 2009. These changes DO NOT TAKE EFFECT until January 1, 2011.

To help property owners know right away that a lien on their property has been recorded, a new NOTICE OF MECHANIC’S LIEN will be required. It will require bold 10pt. text with a heading titled:



Additionally, to insure delivery of a recorded lien to a property owner, a new notice called a PROOF OF SERVICE AFFIDAVIT will need to be recorded along with the Mechanic’s Lien. It will be a one page notice that affirms the date, address, and name of the property owner that the Mechanic’s Lien and Notice Of Mechanic’s Lien were delivered to.