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New California Laws To Go Into Effect On July 1, 2012

By January 18, 2012November 24th, 2015No Comments

The State of California has passed some new laws regarding construction notices. Confusion exists as to the effective date of these new laws. Previous laws relating to verbiage on Mechanic’s Liens went into effect on 1/1/11, so there is a misunderstanding that the new laws went into effect on 1/1/12. They will not start until 7/1/12.

Most of the changes are minor and intended to standardize and simplify the California lien laws into a new subdivision–Civil Codes §§ 8100-8118. Additionally, Code §§ 8120-8138 requires new waiver and release forms to be created/used.

Since we are on top of this, PreLien2Lien will have a free upgrade available to annual subscribers with these changes in June 2012.

Future blog postings will address in detail the additional changes coming up.