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MyLienCenter.com Logon Security Enhanced

IP Address verification has been added to MyLienCenter.com to enhance the logon security for companies who want users from certified company sites or PCs with company specific IP addresses to enter project information.

An example would be MEGA BUILDERS INC. Their HQ and their fifty state branches all have IP addresses that begin with 77.4.8. The last byte could be any number between 1-254. If you were at a PC at any of these locations, MyLienCenter.com would look to verify that you were logging on from a 77.4.8 address.

If a terminated employee went home and tried to use their company logon and password combination from a PC that has a 81.6.22 address, their logon would fail with an error message that would say “Your IP Address is not authorized for use of MyLienCenter.com.”