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Link for DYMO Internet Explorer / Firefox plugin for PreLien2Lien Online

By September 21, 2017No Comments

The DYMO Label line of USB and ethernet print server label printers can be can be a tremendous time saver for printing mailing labels for PreLien2Lien, PreLien2Lien Online (, and any other software application where a mail address label needs to be printed.

Unfortunately, DYMO has failed to find an easy to way to work with Google Chrome, which according to many worldwide measurement authorities has between a 50-60% market share. Internet and Explorer are in second place depending on which measurement authority is surveyed.

To insure 100% success in printing DYMO labels on Internet Explorer or Firefox with PreLien2Lien Online (, which is currently used at 330 U.S. customer sites, download and install the latest DYMO print drivers from the following DYMO download link: