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Download and RUN pl2lsetup.exe.
Or, SAVE pl2lsetup.exe. Then RUN pl2lsetup.exe.

You must have a previous PreLien2Lien Version installed on a Terminal Server® 2008 with a current subscription site license. If you are installing PreLien2Lien for the first time, your subscription site license must be current.
PreLien2Lien has been upgraded to insure your Mechanic’s Lien notices are compliant. The program is updated whenever lien laws change in any of the fifty states, insuring that your notices are always legally compliant. Should you ever need our help, current subscribers can call us anytime for technical support and training help. (Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM CST). Call (800) 886-8770 to get your registration code.