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Citrix/Terminal Server Branch Printing Enhanced

By March 2, 2010No Comments

PreLien2Lien v. 14.03.01 has a new “BRANCH” drop down menu added for large companies who have multiple offices/divisions and whose notices are printed by two or more regional locations.

An example of would be MEGA BUILDERS INC., headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They might have business divisions in several states, like TEXAS MEGA BUILDERS and ILLINOIS MEGA BUILDERS. The notices for the TEXAS location are handled by the Austin Regional Credit office. The notices for the ILLINOIS location are handled by the St. Louis Regional Credit office. Both regional credit offices use PreLien when they logon to Citrix or Terminal Server boxes.

In this example after doing the one time setup of definining the Individual Office locations in COMPANY SETUP, users now can setup the two (2) Regional Credit Offices in the BRANCH field. Everyone can enter new projects for any office/division/branch, and select which branch this project should be assigned to. Simply select the Individual Office from the COMPANY drop down menu and the Regional Credit Office from BRANCH drop down menu.

Mass printing first notices now can be done by Branch. The printing of the Daily Mail Log (Certified or First Class) can also be done by Branch.