All CALIFORNIA forms change July 1st. PreLien2Lien v. 16.07.01 available June 29th.

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As many people are becoming aware of, CALIFORNIA will have several changes to its construction lien laws effective July 1, 2012. Most of the changes are minor and intended to standardize and simplify the California lien laws into a new subdivisions–Civil Codes §§ 8100-9556.

We have carefully rewritten each notice, updated the corresponding explanations in the Print Menu, and updated custom templates purchased previously by customers who paid the $50 template customization fee.

PreLien2Lien v. 16.07.01 will be available for download from this website on Friday, June 29th. This new version will do a find/replace to update the CALIFORNIA notices for the software. TRADITION SOFTWARE’s Customer Service Department will be calling customers who have custom templates for CALIFORINA to help install any templates that need changes for the new laws.