Using the Lien Reminder System
Step 2 – The Lien Reminder System
Step 2 - The Lien Reminder System

The LIEN REMINDER SYSTEM in the program sits on the top of the CURRENT JOBS file. This system will help you determine what kind of notice you have to print and when you have to mail it by. The system currently works for private and residential jobs but public and federal jobs will be added in the future.

To use the system, you need to define your Contractor Type and your Critical Dates.

Step 2 – The Lien Reminder System
Select Prime Contractor or Subcontractor or Subcontractor
Before the Lien Reminder System can tell you what notice you have to print, you have to indicate whether you are a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor for the job. Click the radio button that applies to you.
Enter critical dates
Once you have selected your Contractor Type, the program will ask you for 1-3 Critical Dates of the project. If you have a date, click Yes and enter the date in the text box provided. If you don’t have a date yet (like project of completion or last date of project) leave No selected. After you have entered all the dates you have for the project, click the Show Reminders button.
Reminder text

The program will use the Contractor Type and Critical Dates you provided to tell you what notice you need to print and when it has to be delivered by in a small paragraph. There are several check boxes to the right you can click:

1. Paid: Mark this if the project has been paid off.
2. Done: Once you have printed and delivered a notice, click this to see what you have to do next.
3. Cancel: Cancels the reminder.
4. Outlook: Allows you to create a reminder in Outlook. Just check the box, select how many days before you want to be reminded and hit send. It will send the reminder to outlook.


Now that you know what notice to print, it’s time to Print A Notice.

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