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Multiple electronic signatures now an option on notices

With the new to PreLien2Lien August 18.08.01 upgrade co-authored by Craig Altman and Miriam Liskin, company sites can now have multiple electronic signatures to print from on all notices in PreLien2Lien.


If I choose the “Standard” option, no electronic signature will appear – just a blank line with whomever’s signer name is entered.

If I select “Altman, the electronic signature for Craig Altman will appear on the document.

And finally, if I select “Walker”, the electronic signature for Michael Walker, not Craig Altman will appear on the document.

Cost to add a signature is $50 per notice, per signature. Turn around time is one business day, prepayment required.


GREENFIELDS OUTDOOR FITNESS, Santa Ana, CA, is a leading provider of outdoor fitness equipment to parks, schools, senior centers, greenspaces, colleges and universities, and the U.S. military. Their core line of outdoor gym equipment employs the body’s mass for resistance and can be enjoyed by all ages, regardless of the user’s fitness level.

GREENFIELDS has been a TRADITION SOFTWARE PreLien2Lien-One State customer since 2012 for notices to print in CALIFORNIA. In 2013 they began using our TRADITION LIEN SERVICE division to prepare their notices outside of CALIFORNIA.

I was playing some basketball at a new park built near my new house when I glanced at the playground area that was adjacent to the basketball courts and saw their fitness equipment.


This photo was taken at Robert “Bob” Mahan Park in the Westpark area of west Roseville.