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New Notices For California In 2011

The CALIFORNIA legislature passed revisions to the lien laws in the summer of 2009 that take effect on January 1, 2011. PreLien2Lien V14.12.01, released on December 6, 2011, has these new notices.

To help property owners know right away that a lien on their property has been recorded, a new notice called a NOTICE OF MECHANIC’S LIEN will be required. It will contain a bold 10pt. text heading titled:


Additionally, to insure delivery of a recorded lien to a property owner, a new notice called a PROOF OF SERVICE AFFIDAVIT will need to be recorded along with the Mechanic’s Lien. It will be a one-page notice that affirms the date, address, and name of the property owner that the Mechanic’s Lien and Notice Of Mechanic’s Lien were delivered to.

This is a required upgrade for all companies doing business in California. There is no charge for the upgrade and no codes required if your Annual Subscription to lease PreLien2Lien is current. In a multi-license site, all PC’s using PreLien2Lien must install this upgrade.

New User Logon Feature For PreLien2Lien

Due to the excellent work of Miriam Liskin, Software Development Manager, PreLien2Lien sites can now create user logon accounts for tracking what user printed a certain notice. By turning on this feature, users are prompted at logon to select their last name from a list, or create a new user name.

This a feature we have planning to add for quite some time,” said Craig Altman, President of TRADITION SOFTWARE.” Employees of our TRADITION NOTICE SERVICES lien service division were working together on accounts, so we saw first hand the difficulty of remembering who printed what notice, or who added a note after a phone verification was made.

At logon, users can choose a last name from a previously entered name, create a new user name or delete a user name.