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PreLien2Lien software will help you

Since 2005, it has been a trusted, do it yourself software solution for construction lien management. PreLien2Lien is easy to use, with over 1,600 predefined legal lien notices by state.

PreLien2Lien is a reliable solution, for one or multiple users. Desktop, Terminal Server and Citrix options are available.

Starting at $149 - $749, PreLien2Lien is a leased software solution that includes unlimited user training and technical support during our normal work hours of 8AM – 4PM PST, Monday – Friday.

Record Construction Liens

PreLien2Lien enables you to print a legal construction lien that attaches your unpaid invoice amount to the property you helped improve.

PreLien2Lien annual subscribers can print a legally compliant construction lien, and after notarization personally record it or mail it to the county recorder's office where the project is located.

For same day recording with ease, you have the option emailing an existing .PDF file of a notarized lien to TRADITION SOFTWARE and have it recorded for $25 + a county’s filing fees.

Issue A Bond Claim Or Stop Notice

PreLien2Lien helps you notify the General Contractor's Surety on a project that a claim against the Payment Bond has been filed for unpaid equipment, labor, materials or services on a bonded Private or Public projects.

PreLien2Lien can also print a Stop Notice to notify the Lender on a project that the payment of funds to the General/Prime Contractor must stop immediately and be withheld until an unpaid invoice(s) has been paid on a Private or Public projects.

Mail First Notices

Want to start getting paid faster? By mailing1st notices printed from PreLien2Lien, whether a state requires them or not, produces timely payments to your company while other Subcontractors wait for payment.

Certified mail tracking, USPS approved certifed mail forms, Dymo label printing, electronic signatures, Property Owner Reports and .PDF file archiving are just a few of the many features available to make each state's first notice process easier.